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fleet monitoring

A good fleet owner knows that the key to success is to know what’s going on in your fleet at all times. Fleet monitoring can help you do that. When you have the tools and features to track your operations, you can run your company more smoothly. This lets you improve your bottom line and your overall brand. Here are just a few benefits of fleet monitoring:


When your fleet drivers are on time for their deliveries or appointments, it improves the efficiency of your entire company. Our fleet fuel cards and GPS Solutions program can help you keep track of where your drivers are on their routes. Each fuel card tracks the time, date, and location of purchases in real time, which gives you an idea of where your drivers are. And when you implement GPS in your fleet vehicles, you can monitor the vehicle location at all times. By ensuring driver timeliness, you can satisfy your customers and complete more assignments.

Driving Habits

Every fleet should have drivers they can count on. Our fleet monitoring features let you set up alerts and reports that can give you some insight into your employees’ driving habits. You can gather information on fuel usage, idle times, out-of-range incidents, drive time summaries, odd-hour posts, and more. This lets you monitor their behavior and make sure their driving is up to company standards. If it’s not, you can make the changes you need to in order to improve your fleet and your credibility.


If you want to fine-tune your budget and stay profitable, you need to keep track of your purchases. When you invest in our fleet fuel cards, you gain access to a variety of budget tools that let you do so. You’ll be able to select a spending limit for each card so that your drivers don’t spend more than you want them to. You can also set up purchase restrictions that keep your drivers from buying unnecessary items on the road. In addition, each of your fleet fuel cards can be designated for fuel purchases only, maintenance purchases only, or a combination of both. This lets you improve your fleet monitoring and your budgeting skills.

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