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The Best Company Fuel Card

Choose a Nationally Accepted Company Fuel Card

Fuel Express understands what fleet managers need from a company fuel card. We’ve designed our fleet fuel cards with the tools and features that you need to optimize your fleet. No matter where your vehicles operate throughout the country, your drivers can pay for gas or diesel at almost any location with our fleet fuel card. You can free your fleet from relying on specific fuel brands and gas station chains. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept cards issued by Fuel Express.

Customizable Budget Control Features

Fuel Express flips the script on fuel budgeting. Instead of waiting to see what your drivers spent, you set the fuel budget based on expected fuel consumption. On top of setting maximum spending limits, you can restrict purchases to certain approved categories. The system allows for driver-specific spending rules as well. You can grant greater privileges to some employees while limiting purchase authorizations for others.

Fuel Card Fleet Management

Pay for Vehicle Maintenance

As any fleet manager knows, vehicles sometimes run into trouble in the middle of a route. With the help of our company fuel card, you won’t have any headaches trying to figure out how to pay for vehicle service. Over 90,000 vehicle service locations accept Fuel Express cards. Simply authorize maintenance purchases for the driver whose vehicle needs service or repairs. Your driver can swipe the company fuel card just like at a gas station.

Company Fuel Card Mobile App

Over the decades, Fuel Express has stayed on the cutting edge of technical advancements in fleet fuel management. We have a mobile application for Android or iOS. Use this mobile feature to monitor your budgets and spending alerts when you’re out of the office. Drivers benefit from the mobile app as well. They can search for the closest fuel stations or the best fuel prices along their routes.

Track Miles Per Gallon

As your drivers buy fuel, your company fuel card account collects data in a convenient online account. View the reports any time to see complete information about purchase amounts, times, and locations. The system organizes mileage data per vehicle and automatically calculates miles-per-gallon costs. Accurate information about fuel consumption and cost reveals where you can improve your fleet. Use this information to select the most efficient vehicles for particular routes. Additionally, sudden changes in vehicle fuel usage could alert you to engine problems.

Get Started Now

A fuel card from a company dedicated to fleet fuel management puts you miles ahead of competing credit cards. We provide the tools that you need to make effective management decisions quickly and prevent fraud. Contact Fuel Express today and learn how our fuel cards will benefit your fleet.