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Best Gas Station Credit Card

Enjoy Convenient Fleet Management

When looking for the best gas station credit card, you’ll need one which will ensure that drivers can easily find a participating gas station along their routes. The time and gas spent by drivers deviating from planned routes costs your company money. Fuel Express fleet fuel cards are accepted at over 320,000 locations in the United States. This ensures easy spending oversight, driver behavior monitoring, and fraud detection.

Control Spending

The best gas station credit card for fleet management provides a broad network of gas stations. If a driver cannot find a nearby participating station and must use an out-of-network pump, you lose the opportunity to control spending in real time. Fuel Express gas station credit cards allow limits to be set on purchases. You can designate the percentage of dollars allocated to fuel and to maintenance; you can also automatically reject purchases of inappropriate items such as candy. If a driver must use another credit card at a non-participating station, your fleet manager must spend time reviewing receipts and expense reports. The broad reach of the Fuel Express program minimizes time spent on fleet management.

Monitor Drivers

When drivers stop at a station and use a Fuel Express gas station credit card, information about dates and times are recorded in the online system. You can monitor whether drivers adhere to expected travel routes. You also can calculate the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. If every fuel stop involves usage of the Fuel Express fleet fuel card, you will have complete and accurate data. The best gas station credit card for driver monitoring has an extensive network and minimizes the chance that your drivers will have to utilize a non-participating station. Your drivers should not have the opportunity to hide their activities.

Prevent Fraud

The best gas station credit card includes a fraud detection feature. Fuel Express gas station credit cards monitor usage patterns and alert you if a card appears to be lost or stolen. Each driver has a unique personal identification number to activate the fleet fuel card at the station. The pattern detection algorithms work best when your drivers use their fleet fuel cards at every fuel stop. For this reason, you’ll enjoy the most security with a fuel management card program that encompasses most major gas companies.

Near-universal acceptance of the Fuel Express fleet fuel card will automate many of your processes for control of spending. In addition, you will easily track driver behavior and detect suspicious activity. You will also enjoy a reduction in the staff time required for these fleet management activities. Don’t hesitate to get started today!