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Voyager Fleet Card

Managers of small business fleets work hard to protect their profitability. If you want the fleet fuel management tools enjoyed by big fleets, the Voyager fleet card from Fuel Express delivers. With over 320,000 acceptance locations nationwide, it offers small companies both flexibility and security. Everything about your fuel expenses will be visible in your Fuel Express account. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you can monitor transaction data and spending levels. The whole system helps you design efficient budgets and impose accountability for driver spending behavior.

Protect Your Budget at Every Turn

The Voyager fleet card includes tools for locating the best fuel prices at the closest locations. Your drivers can stay on their routes because nearly all fuel companies accept our fleet fuel card. This eliminates extra miles searching for specific fueling locations. On top of this cost-saving convenience, you can tailor budgets for each vehicle. You decide the maximum limits based on reasonable cost estimates.

Powerful Fleet Analytics for Small Businesses

MPG tracking for each vehicle lets you know precise operational costs for the cars, trucks, or vans in your fleet. You’ll see the fuel cost for each vehicle on each route. MPG insights could help you choose ideal vehicles for different routes based on their efficiency. Changes in MPG for a vehicle also indicate mechanical problems. When you notice a sharp increase in fuel usage, you can schedule maintenance before a breakdown throws your schedule into disarray.

Strong Security and Fraud Prevention

As a small business owner or fleet manager, you have a lot on your plate. Security tools built into the Voyager fleet card will stand guard over your money. Your security settings can stop some purchases before they happen or warn you when to check into something.

Requiring fuel pump input codes, like vehicle or employee ID, can stop a thief from making a purchase. Additionally, the option to impose daily swipe or amount limits can curtail fraudulent purchases. You can also ask Fuel Express to limit all purchases to a certain geographic region.

The exception monitoring tool adds another layer of defense. Simply define exceptions to normal spending activity and receive an alert if a strange transaction occurs. Then you can quickly judge if it was a legitimate special purchase or fraud.

Voyager Fleet CardVoyager Fleet Card Mobile App

Both managers and drivers can download the Voyager mobile application for Android or Apple. As the manager, you can stay on top of your budget from your phone. Drivers gain a powerful tool for saving money on fuel. The app presents fuel locations, prices, and directions. Additional details, such as diesel or maintenance service availability, allow drivers to select the nearest location.

Big Value for Small Businesses From the Voyager Fleet Card

Fuel Express is proud to bring you a feature-rich experience. Our robust tools track all expenses and empower you to control costs. Even the smallest fleets benefit from our fuel card accounts. We never charge setup fees, annual, or hidden fees. Learn how our fleet fuel cards can streamline your fuel management. Talk to Fuel Express today.