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greenest fleets

Many fleet owners are trying to be more environmentally friendly these days, which means conserving fuel (one of the many benefits of our fleet fuel cards), investing in greener vehicles, and creating shorter delivery routes. Every year, hundreds of fleet owners attend the Green Fleet Conference & Expo in Illinois. As the largest fuel and fleet efficiency event in the world, this two-day event teaches many fleet owners how to save both money and energy.

According to Fleet-Central, these are the top 25 greenest fleets in the U.S.:

1. UPS, Atlanta, Georgia

2. Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Verizon, Irving, Texas

4. GE Healthcare, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

5. Waste Management, Houston, Texas

6. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company, Bloomington, Illinois

7. AT&T, Dallas, Texas

8. Merck & Company, Inc., North Wales, Pennsylvania

9. Schwan’s Home Service, Inc., Marshall, Minnesota

10. Chesapeake Energy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

11. Cox Enterprises, Atlanta, Georgia

12. Monsanto Company, St. Louis, Missouri

13. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston, Massachusetts

14. Honeywell International Inc., Golden Valley, Minnesota

15. Public Service Enterprise Group, Newark, New Jersey

16. Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., New Brunswick, New Jersey

17. Florida Power & Light, Riviera Beach, Florida

18. PepsiCo, Inc., Plano, Texas

19. Xerox Corporation, Webster, New York

20. Delta Airlines, Atlanta, Georgia

21. Kellogg’s, Battle Creek, Michigan

22. Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Long Island City, New York

23. Xcel Energy, Denver Colorado

24. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Plainsboro, New Jersey

25. Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, New Jersey