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Fuel Cards for Small Business

Streamline Your Fleet Management Process

As a small business owner or manager, you enjoy the flexibility that larger organizations with red tape do not have. You can adjust operations quickly to respond to changes in your market. Your fleet management system should make it easy for you to react to conditions in real time. With this in mind, Fuel Express offers the optimal fleet fuel cards for small businesses.

Track Real Time Activity with Fuel Cards for Small Businesses

Our PIN-protected fuel cards for small business are assigned to individual drivers. As your fleet drivers visit one of our over 320,000 participating locations and swipe the fleet fuel card, our system tracks the time and location of each driver. With this information, you’ll be able to tell if drivers are adhering to their assigned routes. You can tell immediately if drivers are delayed, and you can then direct them or adjust routes as necessary. In addition, you can calculate the mileage your fleet vehicles travel.

Easily and Effectively Monitor Fleet Spending

You cannot afford to not know how your drivers are spending the resources of your small business. Your ability to turn a profit depends on balancing expenditures and income. As much as you would like to trust your employees, these days you cannot be too careful. With Fuel Express cards, you can go online to see where your drivers are swiping the cards and how they have spent your company funds. If you spot an unusual pattern of activity, you can investigate.

Our Fuel Cards for Small Businesses Help Control Spending

Small business owners wear many hats. They do not have time to review boxes of paper receipts, approve driver reimbursement, or reconcile budgets. Our fleet fuel cards make it easy to automatically allow or reject purchases. You can permit a driver to get an oil change at a participating location but reject breakfast sandwiches. Limits may be placed on spending in fuel and maintenance categories separately. Because your driver does not spend any money out-of-pocket, you don’t have to spend time writing checks to pay back drivers. You simply pay your Fuel Express bill online on the schedule that works for you.

Our fuel cards allow you to react quickly to driver behavior and spending. For even more precise control, add on our GPS tracking options. Contact Fuel Express today or fill out our online form to learn how our fuel cards for small businesses will help your company.