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Fleet Management Services
Fleet management can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Unlike our competition, Fuel Express services are easy to understand and use. Maximizing the profitability of your fleet is our number one priority, and at Fuel Express we have the best fleet management services you need to increase your bottom line. Here’s how our simple and effective solutions work.

Geotab is the Complete GPS Solution

Most GPS systems keep track of your vehicles, and that’s it. Fuel Express’ Geotab is the premier GPS solution that does so much more. Not only can you keep tabs on your fleet’s location, you can change routes in real time to increase efficiency. Geotab also gives precise information about vehicle maintenance, helping your business save money.

Driver and vehicle safety are of utmost importance. Our fleet management services monitor vehicle and driver performance in real time, giving you valuable information in order to be flexible and profitable. Keep tabs on where and for how long your driver stops, plus how fast they are driving to insure they are safe.

You will also know when to change a route due to an accident and provide alternate routes. When used in combination with the Fuel Express gas credit card, you can monitor vehicle mpg to spot engine performance issues. Our tracking system provides you with all the information you need to cut costs and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Fuel Cards and Fleet Management Services

The Fuel Express fleet fuel card is much more than a gas credit card. When combined with our GPS services, it gives you more control and information to improve your fleet’s performance.

Most gas credit cards can only be used with a certain brand of fuel. The Fuel Express fleet fuel card can be used at virtually any gas station all over the country, giving you and your drivers much more flexibility. This is the perfect way to keep your drivers on time and it saves money since they do not have to drive out of their way to fuel up. You can also assign specific cards to drivers and monitor what they are spending.

Our fleet management services are simple and thorough, providing you with everything you need to be a success. Discover for yourself why we are the best in fleet management by contacting us today!