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multi-service fuel card

Since 1989, we’ve been helping fleets take charge of their operations and simplify their costs. From budget control to expense monitoring and more, our multi-service fuel card can help you regulate your business. Here are just a few things you can do with our fleet fuel cards:

Separate Expenses

At Fuel Express, our multi-service fuel cards can be used at both gas locations and maintenance locations. This means you can designate each fleet fuel card to be used for a specific type of purchase. By separating your expenses into fuel expenses and maintenance expenses, you can track what you spend on each. This can also help you create a more definitive budget (and stick to it).

Review Drivers

No matter your business, it’s important to have trustworthy fleet drivers. Your drivers are what keep your company efficient, so keeping an eye on them is key. With our multi-service fuel card, you can set up driver reports and alerts. This lets you track things like idle times, fuel usage, odd hours, posted speeds, and more. With this information, you can review each driver on a regular basis to make sure they’re driving safely and completing their routes on time. If they’re not, you can take the necessary measures to improve your business.

Protect Your Cards

Just like a regular credit card, a fuel card is an essential part of your finances. When you invest in a fuel card from Fuel Express, you’ll enjoy our fraud protection. We’ll monitor the regular purchases made on each card and if we notice anything suspicious, we’ll alert you immediately. In addition, our fuel cards let you set pump prompts for even more protection. When they swipe their card, your drivers will have to enter their vehicle/driver ID, odometer reading, and/or PIN before they make a purchase. This helps keep your cards safe if they ever fall into the wrong hands.

Choose the Right Routes

When you pair our GPS tracking with our fleet fuel cards, you can enjoy a better way to choose the right delivery routes. Our GPS system lets you plan out the fastest or most convenient routes for your drivers. In addition, it gives you real-time traffic updates (such as accidents, detours, traffic jams, and more). This lets your drivers avoid setbacks and can help them reach their destinations on time. You’ll also have the ability to send each driver personalized notes or directions through the system to keep them on track.

Travel Freely

If your drivers carry your goods to other cities or states, they need access to a variety of fuel locations. More than 320,000 national locations accept our multi-service fuel card. This means your drivers can choose a fuel location based on their route direction, the cost of gas, location offerings, and more. Your drivers can travel freely (and more efficiently) when they don’t have to search for a specific brand of gas or a specific location.

Discover the other ways a Fuel Express fuel card can help you simplify your operations. Contact us today to learn more.