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Where Can I Get a Gas Card

You can sign up for a gas card at almost any fueling station. Every store chain and fuel brand has these cards. Even so, maybe you should ask which gas card is best instead of “where can I get a gas card?”. Fuel cards offered by store chains often have limitations. A more robust fleet fuel card solution is available from Fuel Express. We’ve spent decades fine-tuning the gas card features that fleet managers need to succeed.

Advantages of a Fleet Fuel Card

Using a business credit card places too much buying power in the hands of employees and contractors. A driver can buy anything with a credit card. Gas cards, however, restrict spending to fuel and other vehicle-related expenses. As a result, a gas card provides much greater security for your organization’s funds. Aside from better security, running your fleet on a single fuel card account allows you to track all fuel expenses within one system. Every authorized purchase is collected digitally. You can look at your account and see an up-to-date status for all fuel spending. Because the big picture about fuel expenses is always available, you can focus on ways to increase efficiency. The spending data could reveal areas where dollars are being wasted.

What Features Should I Look for in a Gas Card?

Your fleet will benefit from a gas card that is widely accepted by many fuel stations. Some gas cards have limited or regional acceptance networks. Fuel Express, however, issues gas cards that have close to universal acceptance. Our cards pay for fuel and maintenance across the nation. Over 320,000 locations nationwide accept the Fuel Express card. The flexibility to swipe at almost every fuel location produces savings for your fleet. Your drivers get to choose the closest gas stations and thereby eliminate unproductive miles. Your drivers can also take advantage of lower fuel prices whenever they see them. Fleet managers asking “where can I get a gas card?” want versatile budget control tools. They need accounting tools that itemize spending per vehicle and per driver. Fuel Express does both, and you can designate maximum budgets for each vehicle.

In addition to controlling your budget, you need tough fraud prevention features. Fuel Express puts multiple tools in your hands to stop thieves. Select from a range of fuel pump prompts, exception monitoring alerts, and purchase restrictions to keep your dollars safe.

Because Fuel Express specializes in fleet fuel management, our gas cards come with the most powerful account features. Fleets use them to access numerous opportunities to improve their bottom lines. All of this comes with no startup or annual fees from Fuel Express.

Fuel Card Fraud Protection

Are Gas Cards Easy for Fleet Drivers to Use?

Drivers appreciate gas cards because it makes fueling simple for them. They don’t have to use their own money and then wait for reimbursement. As the fleet manager, you get paperless receipts and accurate expense reports. Drivers only need to know your purchasing rules and budgets before swiping for payment.

Where Can I Get a Gas Card From Fuel Express?

Companies, nonprofits, and government agencies of all sizes use Fuel Express. To apply for our card, tell us about your fleet and estimated monthly budget. A Fuel Express representative will follow up with you and explain how to leverage our features for maximum benefit. Get started today.