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Fleet Gas Cards

Stop Wasting Money on Gas

Fleet Gas Cards Accepted Nationwide

Fuel Express fleet gas cards work everywhere your vehicles travel. Our nationwide acceptance network includes over 320,000 locations. Your drivers will have convenient access to countless service stations that process transactions using Fuel Express fleet fuel cards. Our versatile fleet gas cards make it possible to choose the most affordable fueling locations on any route.

Nearly Universal Acceptance

You’ll never be restricted to buying gas from a single brand. Fuel Express has built business relationships with many major fuel station brands. Drivers can use the closest locations and reduce time and miles spent simply on refueling. Popular gas station companies that accept fleet gas cards from Fuel Express include:

  • Amoco
  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • Phillips 66
  • Shell
  • Sunoco
  • Texaco
  • Wawa

Numerous smaller or regional chains accept Fuel Express fleet fuel cards as well. Whether your drivers are crossing rural areas or making deliveries in big cities, a service station is always nearby.

Fleet Fuel Cards for Maintenance

In addition to authorizing fuel purchases, you can use our fleet fuel cards to pay for maintenance throughout the network. You have total control of card budgets through the online account. You can enable certain drivers to buy fuel and maintenance as necessary. The system displays transaction data about purchase amounts, time, and location instantly. Our fleet gas cards ensure that you can monitor transit costs in real time and gain valuable insights about fleet expenses.

Secure Fuel Transactions

You can rely on advanced technology to protect your finances when distributing our fleet fuel cards among your drivers. Fuel Express security features defend you from unauthorized transactions with fraud detection alerts and fuel pump prompts. Require your drivers to enter odometer readings, driver IDs, or vehicle IDs when fueling to thwart purchase attempts by thieves. Fuel pump prompts also collect data for compiling reports about fuel usage and cost per vehicle. Fleets operating within distinct regions can also activate regional purchase blocking to halt purchases outside of defined areas.

Apply for Our Fleet Gas Cards Today

Improving operational efficiency with secure and flexible fleet fuel cards starts with filling out a short form. A Fuel Express representative will then contact you to discuss your organization’s specific needs. After activating your account, your fleet will start getting the most from every fuel dollar.