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Best Gas Credit Card

The problem with most fleet fuel cards is they limit fuel purchases to a specific brand and offer little else in the way of benefits. Most fleet managers would love a flexible credit card that adds value to their business and Fuel Express has the best gas credit card on the market today. Here’s why.

Fuel Up Almost Anywhere

Being tied to a single fuel brand is limiting. Drivers often have to search or go out of their way to find a gas station where they can fuel up. This is frustrating and expensive, often putting drivers behind schedule. Fuel Express is accepted at over 320,000 gas and maintenance locations across the country, allowing drivers to fill their gas tank virtually anywhere.

Knowing where your driver is at all times is important. The best gas credit card offered by Fuel Express gives you the ability to track in real time every single driver in your fleet. The fleet fuel card is linked to an online account showing what they bought, the location, and the time they made the purchase.

Monitor driver spending in real time to improve your bottom line. Knowing what drivers are spending money on, or who’s spending the most gives insight into spending habits and allows for an accurate budget. Expenses can be difficult to maintain when you have a big fleet. Fuel Express offers the best gas credit card for staying within your budget. You can set limits on driver spending and restrict purchasing to only certain items such as fuel or maintenance.

GPS Services

In addition to offering the best gas credit card Fuel Express offers GPS fleet tracking solutions using the customizable Geotab GO9 device. With over 1.5 million devices spread around the globe it is the best in the industry for boosting productivity, improving safety, and fleet optimization. Combining the Fuel Express credit card with our GPS services gives you a complete management solution for your fleet. Contact us today to discover the benefits of our Fuel Express credit card and GPS solutions.