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Family Run Business

When asking yourself “Why choose a family run business?”, think about the internal strength of the people running these companies. Their leadership teams tend to be close-knit and personally invested in the company’s long-term success. They make building relationships with their clients and customers a top priority. As a family run business in operation since 1989, Fuel Express exemplifies these strong bonds. We provide nimble fleet management solutions. We stand out among our national and international competitors by never losing sight of what fleet managers really need in the real world.

Generational Industry Knowledge

Family companies bring a big value proposition to the table. Once two or three generations have worked together building an enterprise, their industry knowledge becomes rock solid. Founders mentor younger leaders so that they can skillfully navigate their business environments. More importantly, family company leaders have no hesitation about sharing knowledge. This collaborative philosophy reduces mistakes and leads to innovation.

Additionally, younger generations sometimes seek out education specific to their goals of contributing to a family business. People who do this often gain important skills that prepare them to lead a business into the future. At Fuel Express, our leadership and staff focus on creating better outcomes for fleets. We understand your perennial challenges and adapt quickly to new issues that pop up suddenly.

Every Customer Matters

Family operations have a strong interest in building loyalty through customer satisfaction. Family businesses do this with fast responses to client concerns and industry trends. They have the versatility and desire to develop personal solutions. As a result, family run companies are quicker to ask “how can we help?” and then actually solve problems. Successful family run businesses, like Fuel Express, value every customer relationship. In this way, we outshine competitors with superior service and welcome small fleets that want access to industry-leading tools.

Fuel Card Fraud Protection

Long-Term Vision

Long-term thinking reveals a fundamental reason for the question “Why choose a family run business?”. Families think beyond quarterly reports. People running family businesses don’t sacrifice long-term strategies for short-term rewards. They are also less beholden to outside investors who might insist on short-term actions. The relationships among family business leaders empower them to think years and decades ahead. They are not individual employees with little to no investment in the operation. They advance their careers by building a competitive company that delivers true value to customers.

Mutual Success

Family held companies see much more than numbers on a report. They recognize customers as the lifeblood of their businesses. They work hard to forge win-win situations so that everybody grows and thrives. Businesses run by personally invested people listen to customer feedback. They monitor technological developments and look for ways to improve. They hear your problems and develop products and services to increase customers’ profitability.

Why Choose a Family Run Business?

Family businesses have a greater capacity to deliver a great customer experience. The people running them know their customers’ names and business names. Fuel Express brings big fleet solutions to small and medium fleets. We put fleet fuel cards with customized budget controls in your hands. We can connect you to powerful GPS tools that defend your profit margin and improve customer service. Our account managers work with you individually. You get onboarding support and guidance about how to use our fleet management tools to maximum effect.

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