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commercial fuel card

Does your commercial company have a fleet of vehicles to complete deliveries or appointments? If so, we know there are a variety of expenses associated with this part of your business. Keeping your expenses on track can be difficult, but our commercial fuel card can help you do so. Here are just a few benefits to a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express:

Simplified Purchase Records

When you run a commercial fleet, there are many different purchases to track. From fuel to supplies to maintenance and more, your drivers have to collect a variety of receipts during their time on the road. This means you have lots of purchase details to review in order to keep your budget on track.

With a commercial fuel card from Fuel Express, we can help you simplify your purchase records. Each of our fleet fuel cards documents the time, date, and location of every purchase made on it. This list of purchases is accessible at any time via an online account. This means you and your drivers don’t have to worry about keeping track of and sorting through receipts. You can do so electronically.

Spending Limits

Your budget is an essential part of your company and with so many drivers in your fleet, it’s important for them to stay on track. To help them do so, our commercial fuel card offers spending limits and purchase restrictions. You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly spending limit on each fuel card to make sure your drivers don’t break your budget. In addition, you can select certain items and place a restriction on them so your drivers don’t buy unapproved elements. This lets you fine-tune your budget and stick to it.

Universal Acceptance

In order to keep your company successful, your drivers need to complete their deliveries and appointments on time. And in order to do that, they need to waste as little time as possible. When your drivers have a fleet fuel card that can be used at virtually any gas station, they can stay punctual.

More than 320,000 fuel locations throughout the U.S. accept our fuel cards. This means your drivers won’t have to drive around looking for an approved fuel brand to purchase. They can simply stop at the nearest gas station, fill up quickly with our pay-at-the-pump feature, and get back on the road to their destination.

If you’re interested in making your fleet more efficient with a commercial fuel card, contact the experts at Fuel Express or fill out our online form today.