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GPS Vehicle Tracker

Fleet management presents a complex puzzle of drivers, routes, vehicles, fuel, and maintenance. Fuel Express proudly offers GPS vehicle tracker services, expanding the real-time data available to you from the country’s leading fleet management solution provider.

Integrated GPS Vehicle Tracker

Fuel Express’ GPS solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing fleet management programs. You won’t need to spend hours on training or equipment updates. The slim two-inch wide Geotab device slips easily into the OBDII port of your company’s vehicles. If you have older fleet vehicles, adapters are available.

Geotab works with Garmin to comply with federal regulations for tracking driving hours with Electronic Logging Devices. This device allows you to manage international fuel tax miles and vehicle inspections as well. If your business wishes to integrate this system with your own business applications, ask about the Geotab Software Development kit.

Save Money with Geotab

Geotab allows you to view accurate, up-to-the-minute data about mileage, speeding, idling, and routes taken by your drivers. You will not need to worry about whether one driver takes extra detours to pad his mileage or if another driver abuses her break privileges.

The online application will automatically flag violations of company policies. Each driver has a unique NFC fob, allowing you to compile reports on driver performance. This data provides a more objective basis for employee performance evaluations rather than relying on randomly scheduled observations.

Reduce safety violations and potential liability with automatic spoken warnings when your drivers exceed the speed limit and drive in reverse. If one of your drivers gets into an accident, the system automatically alerts you so that you may dispatch assistance. Your drivers will feel safer on the road with Geotab Roadside Assistance.

Route optimization tools help you save money by maximizing fuel efficiency. Each dollar that you save on gas contributes to your company’s bottom line. Fuel Express has introduced convenient electronic tracking to the fleet management space with its fleet fuel cards accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide. Now you can access even more data by adding the Geotab GPS Vehicle tracker solution to your company’s fleet. Contact us today for more information.