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Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Solutions Control Costs

As a fleet manager, you know every detail matters to the bottom line. You have to constantly look for ways to control fuel costs, improve safety, and stay compliant. To achieve all of your goals, Fuel Express recommends the Geotab GO9 device. When integrated with our fleet fuel cards, Geotab vehicle tracking solutions will save your company both time and money.

Streamline Regulatory Compliance

You direct many resources toward preparing paperwork to satisfy regulators. With the Geotab Garmin bundle, you’ll be able to produce reports rapidly. Geotab serves as your Electronic Logging Device which easily generates reports about drivers’ hours and vehicle inspections. You’ll always have current records on file without paying someone to do the paperwork manually.

Increase Productivity

Profits naturally rise when you can deliver more goods using efficient routes. The data delivered by Geotab gives you up-to-the-minute reports about fuel use, excessive idling, and whether drivers are veering off their routes. You can also easily track everything on the individual driver and/or the vehicle level. With accurate information in your hands, you can adjust routes and advise drivers on how to improve their efficiency.

Maximize Maintenance Dollars

You can make the most of your maintenance budget with fuel usage and engine performance insights. Geotab vehicle performance reports give you a chance to fix minor issues before they become major breakdowns. If a breakdown does occur, Geotab connects your drivers quickly to roadside assistance, which reduces vehicle downtime.

Reduce Accidents and Injuries

Vehicle damage and driver injuries represent big expenses. Geotab gives you a way to control insurance costs and potentially avoid lawsuits. The system allows you to identify reckless drivers who go too fast, brake too hard, or fail to buckle up. Data collected by Geotab also reveals what was happening right before the vehicle crashed.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions Unique for You

Geotab presents a highly flexible tool that can adapt to your fleet’s evolving needs. You can customize your vehicle tracking solutions with add-on modules from the Geotab Marketplace. The Geotab Software Development Kit places the tools to achieve specialized goals in the hands of your in-house software team.

Fuel Express has been on the forefront of modern solutions for fleet operators since 1989. We can help you modernize your fleet with Geotab. You’ll have our full support as you install this profitable upgrade and we can even adapt Geotab to work with older vehicles. Contact Fuel Express today and learn how Geotab can benefit your company. Don’t forget about our fleet fuel cards as well!