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It’s officially fall and in less than a month, many will be celebrating Halloween. At our fleet gas card company, we’re already feeling the spirit of the holiday and thought it would be fun to share some of the most haunted roads in America. Drive at your own risk!

Clinton Road

West Milford, New Jersey is home to a haunted road called Clinton Road. The 10-mile stretch runs parallel to Mossmans Brook and offers very few side streets. Over the years, eerie stories include the disappearance of vehicles as well as a haunted bridge located at Dead Man’s Curve. According to the tale, a young boy haunts the bridge. If you throw a coin into the water, our fleet gas card company has heard he’ll throw it back or he’ll return it by leaving it on the ground.

Route 66

America’s darling highway was one of the first highways in the U.S. Created in 1926, the road was designed to run from Chicago to the Los Angeles and over the years, has seen many, many drivers. While the road itself isn’t haunted, it’s the route to a variety of haunted locations along the way. In fact, there are more than 100 scary spots along its 2,451 miles.

Archer Avenue

Archer Avenue is a haunted seven-mile road in Chicago that runs through Brighton Park. It was once an Indian path known for its magnetic qualities and currently passes by a variety of lakes and cemeteries. Today, travelers report seeing hooded figures, phantom horses, ghostly monks, and the ghost of a girl that locals call “Disappearing Mary.”

Route 44

More than 30 years ago on Route 44 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, a bearded man with dark eyes was the victim of a car crash. Since then, drivers have reported seeing a ghostly figure along the road that resembles the man. Many have said he suddenly appears in empty back seats and after he leaves, the radio turns to static and the car shakes. Some have even heard a man’s laughter through the radio.

Bray Road

In the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, there’s a creature that haunts a quiet rural road. Called “the beast of Bray Road,” this creature was first sighted in 1936, but was most often sighted during the 1990s. The creature is described as resembling a werewolf with glowing yellow eyes and Bigfoot-like proportions.

Route 2A

Route 2A is a rural section of road that runs parallel to Route 2 through Haynesville Woods. It is notorious for being a dangerous road to drive on and has seen many accidents over the years. In fact, Route 2A is the subject of the song “A Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless.┬áBecause of this, it also holds the tales of several ghost stories. Some of the most popular sightings include a young lady stumbling along the road as well as two little girls said to have been the victims of a tractor trailer accident.

Shades of Death Road

If the road’s name isn’t enough to keep you from driving down it, perhaps the hauntings are. Shades of Death Road is a quiet country road that runs alongside Jenny Jump State Forest in Hope, New Jersey. Drivers have reported seeing pillars of mist atop the nearby haunted lake bed and some have even seen ghosts wandering along the road. Other sightings include footprints that appear and then disappear in real time.

Have you ever driven down a haunted road? If so, where was it? And what did you experience? Our fleet gas card company would love to hear about it!