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Toyota Prius

Every year, it seems like more and more car manufacturers are releasing their own version of a hybrid car. Right now, there are a long list of hybrid car models available, but at our fleet fuel card company, we’ve narrowed down our favorites:

Chevrolet Volt

Average price: Starts at $33,220

Mileage: 43 city/42 highway

Why it’s great: The Chevy Volt is incredibly quiet and the latest model has lightened in weight, making the car feel quicker than it really is. Plus, charge time is just 13 hours at 110V and 4.5 hours at 220V.

Audi A3 e-tron

Average price: Starts at $37,900

Mileage: 33 city/37 highway

Why it’s great: Audi has stepped up the hybrid game with the A3 sportback. With a 1.4-liter inline-4 turbo and up to 204 horsepower, hybrid and gasoline drivers alike have fun driving this five-door model.

Honda CR-Z

Average price: Starts at $20,295

Mileage: 36 city/39 highway

Why it’s great: As a two-door coupe, the CR-Z is perhaps the most sporty looking car on the list. It’s also the only hybrid that is a two-seater and offers a manual transmission with six speeds.

Ford C-Max

Average price: Starts at $24,170

Mileage: 44 city/41 highway

Why it’s great: With firm, responsive steering, many Ford C-Max drivers find the car fun to whip around. The car’sĀ SmartGauge with EcoGuide and Brake Coach even give you real-time information about your driving performance.

Lexus CT200h

Average price: Starts at $31,250

Mileage: 43 city/40 highway

Why it’s great: For those who don’t want everyone to know they’re driving a hybrid, the CT200h is a good choice. The sporty hatchback is styled like many other cars in the Lexus line and comes with bucket seats and an optional F Sport trim.

Toyota Prius/Prius C/Prius V

Average price: Starts at $24,200, $19,560 (C), $26,675 (V)

Mileage: 58 city/53 highway, 53 city/46 highway (C), 44 city/40 highway (V)

Why they’re great: All three Prius models get incredible fuel economy compared to the other hybrid vehicles on the list. In addition, they offer a fair amount of interior room, since they’re all hatchbacks.

Hyundai Ioniq

Average price: TBD

Mileage: TBD

Why it’s great: Though it hasn’t officially hit the market yet (it’ll be released later this year), Hyundai’s Ioniq is said to have a lightning-fast charger, a sleek interior, and three different model options.