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Chevrolet Spark

Car manufacturers are starting to roll out their newest vehicles for 2016, and that means we have to say goodbye to certain models. Back in May, our fleet fuel card company shared 10 Cars You Won’t See After 2015; six months later, we’ve decided to update and add to the list:

Chevrolet Spark EV

Despite electric vehicles being on the rise, the Chevrolet Spark just doesn’t cut it in terms of popularity. The car was released in just a few states and its older body style have limited its sales.

Infinity Q40

Available for just one year, the Q40 sedan (formerly called the G37) didn’t make as much noise as the manufacturer had hoped. Outdone by the appeal of the Q50, the Q40 won’t be returning.

Land Rover LR2

The LR2 replaced the Land Rover Freelander, but neither luxury SUV could make a firm grasp on the market. Both are being succeeded by a new model called the Discovery Sport, which offers an appealing third-row seating.

Honda Crosstour

Honda’s Accord fastback could be considered a bit of a stretch as far as design goes. The wagon-like sedan didn’t generate much interest, as many buyers opted for the more practical and stylish Pilot.

MINI Cooper Coupe

Some could argue that MINI got a little too ambitious with its lineup of cars in recent years. Its two-door Coupe and Roadster models didn’t fare as well as the original Cooper and are being discontinued for next year.

Scion xB

For years, Scion’s xB was marketed as the ultimate compact, customizable hatchback, but the appeal only lasted so long. By the second generation, people started losing interest in the boxy car.

Toyota Venza

Similar to the Honda Crosstour, the Venza was a wagon-like rendition of the Camry, but more mainstream looking. However, the model didn’t turn out to be as popular as its Highlander SUV sibling.

Nissan Xterra

The Xterra had a long, 15-year run in Nissan’s lineup of vehicles, but with more buyers turning to crossover SUVs instead of off-road vehicles, the Xterra will be faded out next year.

Scion iQ

In addition to the xD and the xB, Scion is revoking its iQ from the family in 2016. The tiny two-door car never gained popularity among consumers, mainly because of its size, price, and fuel economy.

Mazda 5

Ask anyone to name a Mazda model and they’ll likely say the 3 or the 6 before they even think about a 5. The maker’s minivan didn’t offer much in terms of room or sportiness and raised questions with poor crash-test results.

Honda Civic Hybrid

When gas prices were higher, the Civic Hybrid’s fuel economy was a great selling point, but now that gas is a little more affordable (and with the introduction of all-electric vehicles), the company is discontinuing the hybrid.

*Photo courtesy of Yahoo.com