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Discontinued Cars

Saying Farewell to Some Big Names

At Fuel Express, it’s always interesting, yet a little heartbreaking to see which vehicles won’t be making it to another year of production. Here, our fleet fuel card company shares the top eight cars and SUVs that won’t see 2018:

Dodge Viper

First introduced in 1992, the sleek supercar took a break from production between 2010 and 2013 and some thought it was back for good. Such is not the case, however, and poor sales of the car have forced Fiat Chrysler to end production.

Honda Accord (Coupe)

While much of America loves the traditional Honda Accord sedans, not as much of America loves the Honda Accord coupes, so the company decided to redesign the sedan and nix the coupe.

Infiniti QX70

Once called the FX, this high-end crossover blends luxury and performance, making it a surprise that Nissan has decided to get rid of it. Enthusiasts will have to turn to options like the BMW X6 or the Audi Q5.

Hyundai Accent (Hatchback)

While subcompact cars like the Kia Rio and the Ford Fiesta were all the rage during high gas prices, they’re not as popular anymore. This is likely why Hyundai is stopping production of its five-door Accent hatchback.

Jeep Patriot

Both the Patriot and the Compass were introduced in 2007 and it seems after 10 years that the Compass has won a more permanent place in the Jeep lineup. For die-hard Jeep enthusiasts, however, the Patriot’s exit isn’t such a sad one.

Chevrolet SS

Surprisingly, Chevy’s V8 muscle sedan isn’t leaving us for lack of popularity (in fact, it was on its way to record sales this year). Instead, it’s mainly because of GM’s decision to end manufacturing in Australia.

Mitsubishi Lancer

The sedan has been around since 1973, which is why many people are surprised to see it go. While it will still be available in Taiwan and China, its reign will be over in the U.S. after this year and the company will likely turn its attention to crossovers and SUVs.

Hyundai Azera

The Azera is the biggest competition for the Toyota Avalon and after this year, the Avalon will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Full-size sedans are tough enough to sell on their own and this one simply faded into the background.