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Our fleet fuel card company is all for green fleets and we’re always excited to learn which fleets in the country have embraced greener tendencies like hybrid vehicles, natural gas fuel, and more. Below are the top 50 fleets that won the Government Green Fleet Award for 2016.

About the Government Green Fleet Awards

The Government Green Fleet Award is open to all Federal, State, and Local Government Fleets in North America. This includes fleets that are operated by local government personnel or contracted services. The Government Green Fleet Award is a comprehensive set of criteria specifically tailored around the challenges and requirements of the government fleet manager.

  1. The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  2. City of New York, New York
  3. City & County of Denver, Colorado
  4. New York City Police Department, New York
  5. State of California
  6. U.S. Air Force/441st VSCOS, Virginia
  7. Sacramento County, California
  8. Alameda County, California
  9. City of Fort Wayne, Indiana
  10. City of Phoenix, Arizona
  11. King County, Washington
  12. Atlantic County Utilities Authority, New Jersey
  13. City of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  14. Eugene Water and Electric Board, Oregon
  15. Las Vegas Valley Water District, Nevada
  16. City of Fort Collins, Colorado
  17. University of Washington
  18. National Security Technologies, LLC, Nevada
  19. Village of Downers Grove, Illinois
  20. Cobb County, Georgia
  21. City of Kansas City, Missouri
  22. City of Dublin, Ohio
  23. City of Boise, Idaho
  24. San Bernardino County, California
  25. DeKalb County, Georgia
  26. Colorado State Government
  27. CPS Energy, San Antonio, TX
  28. City of Anaheim, California
  29. Denver International Airport, Colorado
  30. City of Houston, Texas
  31. City of Riverside, California
  32. City of Huntington Beach, California
  33. Salt Lake City Corporation, Utah
  34. M&M Cartage, Kentucky
  35. Lower Merion School District, Pennsylvania
  36. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  37. City of Durham, North Carolina
  38. County of San Diego, California
  39. City of Tucson, Arizona
  40. Salt River Project, Arizona
  41. Iowa State University
  42. City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  43. City of Chicago, Illinois
  44. City of Atlanta, Georgia
  45. Alabama Gas Corporation, a Spire Inc. Company
  46. State of Delaware
  47. City of Mountain View, California
  48. City Furniture, Florida
  49. Volusia County, Florida
  50. City of Seneca Public Transit, South Carolina