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gps trackingIf your fleet doesn’t already use a GPS tracking system, investing in one can save your business both time and money. According to Environmental Leader, 79% of fleets that use GPS tracking systems are satisfied with their service and 67% said they reinvested in it. These statistics come from a survey by C.J. Driscoll & Associates, which surveyed 508 different fleets around the country.

With a GPS tracking system from our fleet fuel card company, you can monitor exactly where each of your fleet vehicles is located and create the most direct route to your delivery destination. This will help your fleet drivers save time, which means they can make more deliveries and increase your fleet’s performance. It will also help reduce the wear and tear on your vehicles, which can save you money on maintenance costs.

According to an article from Vending Times, fuel costs have increased 1.93% since 2012 and the cost of owning and operating a fleet has increased 1.96%. A GPS system allows you to access detailed reports regarding each vehicle’s idle time, the stops it makes, its mileage, and its fuel efficiency.

In the C.J. Driscoll & Associates survey, a private food company that used a GPS system for its fleet of 120 trucks saved $167,600 annually in fuel and mileage and $127,400 in driver time. Another company with 300 fleet vehicles saved $64,000 in annual fuel costs.

Tracking your fleet vehicles can also help you keep track of any prohibited activity, such as speeding or traveling outside of the appropriate zone. It can also benefit your fleet drivers if they get into an accident or get lost. You’ll be able to know exactly where their vehicle is and can help them get back on track.