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Time Warner Cable

These days, more and more fleet companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and help save the environment. One of the most recent, Time Warner Cable, is among the largest to hop on board.

In 2011, the Department of Energy created the National Clean Fleet Partnership in order to help large companies reduce their fleet’s diesel and gasoline use. The partnership is part of the Department of Energy Vehicle Technology Program’s “Clean Cities” initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of oil the U.S. imports.

Recently, Time Warner Cable decided to join the Clean Fleet Partnership as part of its “Go Green” initiative. The company’s goals are to raise environmental awareness, use fewer natural resources, and reduce its 2012 carbon emissions by 15% by the end of 2014.

In an article by Business Wire, Rob Marcus, Chairman and CEO of TWC, says:

“One of TWC’s core values is a commitment to responsible business practices that positively impact the communities we serve. We are very pleased to join this important DOE partnership to help our fleet achieve greater levels of environmental efficiencies. TWC looks forward to working with other large national fleet owners to share best practices that will drive down our fuel consumption, overall vehicle costs and environmental impact.”

More than 20,000 TWC vehicles (one of the largest private sector fleets in the country) will be committed to this program – many of them will be replaced with Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect vehicles, which can improve fuel performance by 40%. TWC’s standard passenger car will be the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which increases fuel performance by 33%, and its bucket trucks will have Electric Power Take Off devices, which reduces idle time.

The Clean Fleet Partnership will also give TWC tools and resources to develop a fuel reduction plan and access to information exchange among other Fortune 500 companies that are associated with the program.