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fleet fuel cards

At Fuel Express, we know that no matter what industry you’re in, you’re always looking for ways to save your fleet some money. While there are various things you can do to save money in the short term, we have three ways you can save it in the long term:

Vehicle Software

Did you know that many fleet insurance companies offer discounts if you have vehicle tracking software installed in your cars or trucks? When you’re able to track your fleet vehicles’ speeds, idle times, service records, vehicle diagnostics, and more, you’ll have accurate information that you can use to create better records.

In addition to a potential insurance discount, your tracking software will be able to save you money on things like maintenance and repairs in both the short term and long term.

Good Driving

Good driving is something that fleets of every industry can benefit from, and when you’re a fleet owner, you can’t trust just anyone behind the wheels of your vehicles; hiring people with good records and good habits can make a big difference. Good habits like maintaining the speed limit, braking smoothly (not abruptly), and accelerating gradually can  not only keep your vehicles in good condition (eliminating maintenance and repair costs), but they can also keep your fuel consumption and costs down.

Fuel Cards

Whether your company is a delivery company, service company, construction company, or any other company that greatly relies on its fleet vehicles, we know that time is an important factor. When you invest in fleet fuel cards for your drivers, you’ll be able to save them time and help them get to and from their destinations faster. Because our fuel cards are accepted at virtually every gas station nationwide, your drivers can fuel up nearly anywhere they need to and be on their way quickly. In return, you’ll be able to save both time and money in the long run.