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Improve Your Fleet

At Fuel Express, we do everything we can to make your fleet run smoothly and at its optimum efficiency. While our fleet fuel cards can help you take control of your fuel budget and create an easier way for drivers to fill up their gas tanks, our GPS tracking can also provide benefits to improve your business. These include:

Up-to-Date Traffic

Our GPS tracking systems give you real-time information no matter where you go. This includes traffic updates like accidents, detours, and stand-still traffic. With these updates, your drivers can avoid delays and maneuver around situations that may slow them down.

Vehicle Information

We know your vehicles are an important part of your fleet and with our GPS tracking, we can keep you updated on each vehicle’s location, how many stops it’s made, its idle time, speed, and fuel mileage. With this information, you can determine which vehicles are performing at their best and which may need some attention.

Faster Deliveries

When your drivers have the ability to plan out their optimal routes, they’ll be able to get to their destinations faster. With updates on traffic situations and how to avoid them, your drivers can make their deliveries on time and return on time, improving the efficiency of your business.

Driver Safety

If you’re alerted of an accident that’s happened on your driver’s route, you can use GPS tracking to reroute them to a safer path. In addition, if your driver is the one in an accident or if their vehicle breaks down, you can also use GPS tracking technology to notify authorities of their location, should they need assistance.