| Tips and Tricks

A little while ago, we wrote a blog post titled “5 Tips for Better Fleet Management.” Here, we thought we’d expand on good management and give you five more tips to improve your fleet:

Keep unauthorized purchases to a minimum.

As a fleet manager, you work hard to keep your operations on a budget, so don’t let your drivers compromise it by purchasing unauthorized items with company money. With our fleet fuel card, you can set purchase restrictions so that your drivers can only purchase fuel and/or maintenance work.

Research gas prices.

When planning out your drivers’ routes, do some research on the gas stations nearby and make a note of which offer the cheapest fuel. You’ll not only save your drivers some time, but you’ll also save money.

Choose your vehicles wisely.

When it comes to transporting your goods, don’t choose vehicles that are too large for the shipment. (For example, don’t choose a tractor trailer to transport something that could fit into a box truck.) You’ll not only waste fuel, you’ll also emit unnecessary carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Teach good driving habits.

Driving habits like speeding, accelerating quickly, excessive idling, and riding the brakes can all contribute to unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet vehicles. Make it a point to teach your drivers good driving habits so that they can not only take care of your vehicles, but take care of themselves as well.

Use GPS to dispatch efficiently.

Instead of relying on your drivers to call in and give you their location, install GPS tracking in your vehicles. You’ll be able to keep track of where your vehicles are and be able to dispatch the closest driver more efficiently, which can save you time and money.