| Tips and Tricks

Today, fleets are a part of a wide variety of industries, from pest control to delivery to construction and more. What they all have in common, however, is the need to be productive and efficient. In this blog, our fleet fuel card company shares five performance tips that fleet managers should embrace:

Invest In Technology

Today, there are many different technologies and practices that can help you reduce your workload and improve your productivity. One of these things is a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express. When your drivers have a fleet fuel card, they’ll be able to quickly fill up at virtually any gas station in the U.S. and get back on the road fast. In addition, a GPS tracking system can help you plan out the best delivery routes and help your drivers avoid things like traffic, accidents, detours, and more. These things together can help you improve your business productivity significantly.

Promote Maintenance Awareness

Fleet vehicles get a lot of use and need proper maintenance in order to be reliable. As a fleet manager, it’s important to spread this awareness to your drivers so that while they’re driving, they can be alert to any vehicle issues and you can address them as quickly as possible. Staying up to date on vehicle maintenance can help you reduce repair costs and can help your fleet stay on top of their work. In addition, maintenance can help prolong the life of your vehicles.

Improve Employee Productivity

If you have employees that tend to get easily distracted, it’s time to improve their productivity. With GPS tracking, you can make sure they stay within their route boundaries and don’t drive off without your permission. In addition, if you’ve had trouble with overspending or unauthorized purchases, our fleet fuel cards can help. You can easily view the time, date, and location of each purchase and control your employee spending.

Stay Informed with Regulations

The world of fleet regulations is constantly changing and if you’re not up to date on the latest acceptable terms and rules, it could mean more work for both you and your drivers. Make sure you stay informed about the latest fleet regulations and pass them onto your employees as quickly as possible so they know what’s going on as well.

Go Green When Possible

When it comes to the environment, embracing as many “green” practices as possible is a good idea. From getting the best fuel efficiency out of your vehicles to reducing your emissions to eliminating excess receipt papers, our fleet fuel card company can help. Each of your drivers’ accounts will be available online at all times and will not only display the details of their activity, but will also display their driving reports so you can make sure they’re driving as efficiently as possible. Best of all – you won’t have to sort through dozens of receipts to tally your fuel spendings.