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gps tracking

Since we began offering GPS tracking, many fleet owners have¬†experienced the benefits it has on their business.¬†Here’s why it has grown in popularity:

1. Alerts

When your fleet drivers are en route, there’s no way to tell if something goes wrong, but with GPS tracking, you’ll be alerted to things like geofence violations, speed violations, idle time, and more so you can step in with assistance if needed.

2. Peace of mind

With a GPS system, you’ll have an online trail to each vehicle, which means if one of your vehicles is stolen, you’ll be able to easily track and recover it. Your drivers will also have access to roadside assistance if one of their vehicles breaks down.

3. Affordability

Incorporating tracking devices on your vehicles may not be as expensive as you think. It’s a small investment that usually pays off in the end.

4. Diagnostics

Knowing if a vehicle is operating at its peak performance can save you a lot of time and money at the mechanic’s. With the diagnostics that are included in GPS tracking, you’ll know the MPG, idle time, and any computer problems of each vehicle so you can take care of a problem before it gets worse.

5. Route planning

GPS tracking can help you plan the best routes for your vehicles. If you notice that a vehicle is heading toward an accident or heavy traffic, you can help redirect it to make sure your delivery is on time.

If you’re interested in GPS tracking for your fleet vehicles, click here to learn more.