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Fleet Control
As a fleet manager, you know just how difficult it can be to keep records on all of your drivers. From their location to how much fuel they’re using, you have to know the facts associated with all of your drivers in order to ensure the future financial health of your business. This is why Fuel Express is offering you full-service fleet management in addition to providing your fleet with access to the fuel it needs to keep the tires spinning. Fleet control has never been easier than this.

Fleet Control at Your Finger Tips

Fuel Express offers a new world of fleet control that you can access with the push of a button. Want to know where your driver has been today? Tired of your drivers being slowed down because they don’t have access to accepted gas stations along their route? Fuel Express has the solution to all of your fleet management issues:

GPS Solutions

We can provide GPS solutions that can enhance your fleet tracking abilities. Identify where all your drivers are in real-time, have your driver’s alerted of traffic accidents and potential detours, and analyze each vehicle’s MPG with our GPS systems. You’ll even have the ability send messages to your drivers via their GPS vehicle tracker.

Track Activity

In addition to our GPS solutions, we offer various ways for you to successfully track the activity of your fleet drivers to help improve overall efficiency. First, you can get individual fleet fuel cards for each fleet driver. These cards can have set limits, designate the types of purchases that can be made, and block other drivers from using it. This will allow you the ability to track what stations your drivers have used, how much they spend, and what items they purchase. In turn, this knowledge can help you increase efficiency among all of your fleet members.

Monitor Spending

Improving your bottom line all starts with understanding your expenses. By monitoring each driver’s spending on their company-issued fuel card, you can identify areas that can be improved. With Fuel Express, you can set purchase restrictions for each fleet fuel card to ensure that your money is being handled appropriately. Also, you can decide what drivers will be authorized to purchase fuel, maintenance services, or both using their fuel card.

Control Your Budget

Staying in control of your budget gets more difficult the more employees you hire. While expansion is a great thing, you’ll need the right assistance in order to track fuel and maintenance expenditures down to the last penny. Our paperless account statements make it easy to see where your money is being spent. You can easily access purchase receipts via our online account center so you know the date, time, and location of each purchase charged to your account.

Universal Acceptance

Ask any fleet manager what is one of the most difficult aspects their drivers face on the road, and they’ll tell you it’s the time wasted while their drivers find approved fueling stations. Fuel Express likes to take this problem off the table by offering over 320,000 locations nationwide that will accept our fleet fuel cards. This means virtually any major gas station that your drivers encounter on their route can be utilized for fueling or maintenance needs.

If you or your company could use help with one or all five of these fleet control aspects, don’t hesitate to get our Fuel Express fuel card today!