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There are certain things that are more concerning to small fleets than large fleets and disregarding them can mean a slippery slope to fleet troubles. At our fleet fuel card company, we’ve helped countless small fleets take control of their business and grow successfully. Here are some tips for yours:

Don’t start too big

As a small fleet, it’s tempting to lease a dozen trucks and try to build your business quickly, but starting too big can get you into trouble later. Instead, start by leasing two or three vehicles and making sure you can handle those to begin with. After you’ve proven to yourself that you can, then you can start to expand; otherwise, you may end up in over your head.

Invest in a fuel card

Fleet fuel cards can help you easily manage your fleet and your drivers. With a fleet fuel card, you can not only set monthly spending limits, you can also set purchase restrictions to make sure your drivers don’t buy anything they’re not supposed to buy. In addition, you’ll be able to track the time, location, and total amount of every purchase your drivers make.

Make customer service a priority

As a small business, you can take advantage of being local by offering exceptional customer services. Many people love to support small businesses, and especially if they build a relationship with them. Be friendly, timely, considerate, and more to create a trustworthy connection with your customers; if you’re loyal to them, they’ll be loyal to you.

Maintain your vehicles

Nothing drags a day down more than a hefty vehicle maintenance bill – especially one that could have been avoided. Pay close attention to the health of your vehicles and keep up with regular maintenance such as tire rotations, oil changes, inspections, and more. If you can avoid paying for things you don’t need to, you’ll be better off financially.

Be financially responsible

Speak of finances, make sure you take your startup finances seriously. Talk to an expert about your current situation and your goals before you make any impactful decisions. You’ll thank yourself in a few years, when you’ve been able to build your business without falling into debt.