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truck fleet management

At Fuel Express, we know there are many elements that go into successful fleet management – this is especially true of truck fleet management. Here, our fleet fuel card company shares some tips for truck fleet managers to help you simplify your operations:

Invest in GPS

Driving a truck is much different than driving a car – especially if you’re driving a tractor trailer. Maneuverability is key and when you encounter things like road construction, traffic, detours, and other travel incidents, it can make driving difficult. When you invest in GPS tracking for your fleet drivers, you can give them an easier way to plan out their routes. GPS allows them to keep up with real-time traffic updates and make any necessary changes in order to get to their destinations on time.

Go Paperless

As a truck fleet manager, there are a variety of things you need to keep track of. This especially goes for fuel and supply purchases made by your drivers. When your drivers are on the road, they’ll need to buy things on a regular basis. Instead of keeping track of and sorting through all of their paper receipts, we suggest going paperless. With our fleet fuel cards, you can digitally track all of the purchases your drivers make. This includes the time, date, and location of each purchase. With digital records, you can locate and sort through their activity at any time and use the information to develop a budget more easily.

Track Your Trucks

Another great element for truck fleet management is vehicle tracking. This can be done through our fleet fuel cards or through our GPS Solutions. When you know exactly where your trucks are, you can keep track of the drivers that stick to their schedules and the drivers who exceed your expectations. In addition, by tracking your trucks, you can also communicate up-to-date ETAs (estimated time arrivals) to shippers, receivers, and/or consumers. When you can achieve fast turnaround and your customers are happy, your business can grow.

Make Safety Procedures Clear

When it comes to tractor trailers, there are many elements that operate differently than cars. One of the best things you can do as a truck fleet manager is make sure your drivers are well-educated in safety measures. Drivers should know how to share the road with others and what to be aware of while driving a large vehicle. In addition, they should know what to do in an emergency situation, whether it involves a breakdown, a flat tire, an accident, or another scenario. Preparing your drivers can help keep them (and others on the road) safe.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the main keys to keeping your fleet vehicles going strong. This is why you should make maintenance a part of your truck fleet management. When you can address issues before they get worse, you can extend the life of your vehicle and also save money. With our GPS Solutions, you can set up diagnostic alerts for each of your trucks. You’ll know when your trucks need oil changes, tire rotations, fluid fill-ups, and more. Stay ahead of maintenance and you’ll simplify your management.

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