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fleet fuel card

Managing a fleet can be tough – especially if it’s something that’s new to you. At our fleet fuel card company, we’ve been helping fleets since 1989. Here are a few tips we have for better management:

How to get more fleet drivers

Recruiting fleet drivers can be tough, which is why you need to make the job as appealing as possible. Advertise your business and its benefits as often and widely as possible. Also, try offering a referral program that rewards drivers for recruiting more drivers.

How to maintain a fuel budget

Since fuel is one of your main (and most frequent) expenses, it’s important to keep a strict budget. At Fuel Express, we can help you do that with our fleet fuel cards. These fleet fuel cards let you set purchase restrictions and spending limits to make sure your drivers don’t take advantage of their freedom. With tools like these, you can create and maintain a successful budget and keep your business on track.

How to save money on vehicle maintenance

The most unpredictable costs come from vehicle maintenance and repairs and while sometimes they’re unavoidable, there are ways to predict them. With our diagnostic details, you’ll be able to track each of your vehicles’ MPG and overall “health.” When you discover something problematic, you can have the situation diagnosed before it gets worse. Catching a problem early can help you save money on maintenance in the future.

How to satisfy more customers

When it comes to deliveries, customers simply want theirs as fast as possible. With our GPS tracking system, you can know where your vehicle drivers are at all times and keep your customers up to date on the status of their deliveries. GPS can also allow your drivers to discover alternate, faster routes to their destinations, making deliveries faster.

How to keep your drivers happy

Since drivers are the heart of your business, it’s important to keep them happy and wanting to do their job. Offer them incentives for good driving, communicate with them well, and make their job easier by giving them an fast way to fuel up. Also, don’t forget to only give them as much work as they can handle. You don’t want to overwork them.