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fleet budget

At Fuel Express, we know managing a fleet is hard work – especially if you’re struggling to create an effective budget for you and your drivers. Here are some tips that may help you take control and be profitable:

Limit Purchases

Many fleet drivers will spend their allotted money on unnecessary purchases like food or drinks while on the road, which can add up to more than you’ve budgeted. Keep their spending in check by limiting what they buy. Our fleet fuel cards are perfect for fuel (and only fuel) so you can maintain your budget.

Choose the Right Cars

When choosing the right cars for your fleet, pay attention to the cars’ costs over the course of their lifetimes instead of just the cost of them up front (for example, an alternative fuel vehicle may cost more up front but will save you more in gas costs). Also consider whether your cars will hold their value in the future.

Plan Routes

Helping your fleet drivers plan their routes well can save you a lot of money in gas costs. By considering what kind of miles will be put on your fleet vehicles (highway vs. city), you can choose a route that gets your driver better gas mileage.

Hire an Expert

If you’ve really got a lot on your plate (and many fleet owners do), it may be best (and easiest) to hire an expert to assess your costs and create a budget for your fleet company. You’ll relieve some stress and pressure from your everyday work load and will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your fleet.


Sometimes an improved budget is just a budget that’s been reevaluated. Take the time to thoroughly assess your budget and the costs that you have. Even if you cut just a few costs, the savings will add up over time and you’ll have better control of your budget.

Keep Track of Everything

Make sure that no matter what you spend your money on, you have a receipt for the transaction. Even if it’s something you paid for in cash, write down how much you paid, the date, and whom you paid. These records will come in handy not only at tax time, but if you want to create a new budget for your fleet. At Fuel Express, our fleet fuel cards track every transaction made by your drivers online – so you’ll never have to worry about paper receipts!