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green fleet

Over the years, many businesses and individuals are taking steps to be more environmentally friendly and leave a smaller carbon footprint (otherwise known as “going green”). If you’re looking to both go green and reduce your fleet’s operating costs, here are a few great tips:

1) Invest in GPS

When you use a GPS tracking system to track each of your fleet vehicles, you can create the most efficient delivery routes for your drivers. Knowing which roads to take and how to avoid traffic can prevent your drivers from wasting both time and fuel that creates carbon emissions. To learn about GPS tracking from Fuel Express, click here.

2) Maintain Your Vehicles

Make sure that each of your fleet vehicles is regularly serviced. A vehicle that has the right tire pressure, fresh oil, a clean air filter, and is well-maintained will be at the peak of fuel efficiency and will produce less emissions than one that is poorly maintained.

3) Consider Alternative Fuel

When you consider cars and trucks that run on alternative fuel as the vehicles for your fleet business, you could save you money, reduce emissions, and help contribute to the national efforts to reduce climate change.

4) Offer Proper Training

Not all drivers may need it, but when you offer training that teaches a person how to drive more safely and efficiently, you can reduce dangerous risks and improve the overall performance of your fleet.

5) Invest in a Fleet Fuel Card

With a fleet fuel card, you can give your drivers more locations to fill up their gas tanks as they make their journeys. The fewer miles they have to drive to get to an acceptable fuel station, the less fuel they use; the less fuel they use, the fewer carbon emissions they produce. Click here to learn more about fleet fuel cards.

6) Consider Low-CO2 Vehicles

Like vehicles that run on alternative fuel, vehicles that are marketed for their low carbon emissions can be a better choice for your fleet. If you have a large fleet, you’ll significantly cut down on the pollutants that your company releases in to the air.