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Staying on Track

Fleet management is an incredibly important aspect of running a fleet business and at Fuel Express, we know it can get a little overwhelming. Here, our fleet fuel card experts share some tips that can help you improve your management skills and create a successful fleet:

How to Recruit Fleet Drivers

You can’t have a successful fleet without fleet drivers and sometimes, recruiting them can be the hardest part. To appeal to as many people as possible, make sure your marketing efforts are in place and you’re reaching a wide audience. After that, you’ll want to create a fleet driver program that’s flexible, friendly, and overall satisfying to anyone interested.

How to Save Money on Vehicle Repairs

Repairs can not only be costly, but having fewer vehicles available to use can also hinder your productivity. To reduce the amount of repairs you need, take advantage of our vehicle diagnostics feature. You’ll be able to track each vehicle’s location, idle time, gas mileage, and speed to make sure it’s in good working order. If something is off, you can easily look into it to save you a trip to the mechanic.

How to Improve Accountability

If you’ve ever had trouble with fleet drivers running errands, taking extended breaks, driving home for lunch, or simply driving off route, you can put an end to it and improve your driver accountability. When you know where your vehicles and your drivers are at all times, you can monitor their progress and note any misbehaving. You can also create a plan that rewards good behavior so your drivers are compelled to continue following the rules.

How to Keep Drivers Safe

The key to keeping drivers safe is to give them reliable vehicles and a way to avoid things like traffic jams or accidents. By keeping your vehicles well-maintenanced (like changing the oil, topping off the fluids, maintaining the right tire pressure, and more), you can improve your drivers’ confidence. In addition, with a GPS tracking system, you can give your drivers a way to avoid sticky traffic situations and stay on the right track.

How to Keep Your Fleet Productive

Whether your fleet offers products or services, you’ll want to be able to reach as many customers as possible every day. This means your drivers should have the fastest route mapped out for their deliveries and a way to fill their gas tank without going out of their way to find a gas station. With a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, your drivers can fill up at more than 320,000 gas and maintenance locations throughout the U.S. and do so quickly so they can get back on the road.

How to Avoid Breakdowns

The key to good fleet driving is to make sure your drivers understand how to identify a problem and fix it. Each time your drivers get into a car or truck, they should check to make sure all of the controls, lights, and safety features work. They should also have access to the owner’s manual and some basic equipment needed to perform basic maintenance, should they run into a problem.