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Over the past few years, the term “Internet of Things” has grown in popularity and has been a way for more and more people to connect to both each other and the world of technology. The IoT can improve many different industries, including fleet companies, and here’s how:

GPS Tracking

With real-time GPS tracking devices, you can optimize the efficiency of your fleet. Once you discover the different routes your drivers can take to complete their deliveries, you can choose the fastest one or the one with the fewest miles. Plus, with updates about traffic, detours, and accidents, your drivers will be able to navigate around obstacles and complete their routes on time.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our GPS tracking systems come with vehicle diagnostics that can inform you of vehicle idle times, locations, engine fault codes, average MPGs, and more. With this information accessible at any time, you can keep track of each fleet vehicle’s health and be better prepared for necessary maintenance or repairs. With an early knowing, you can keep your costs down.

Weather Predictions

Having up-to-date weather information can help you and your drivers keep your fleet efficient and today, there are sensor nodes available for your vehicles. With these sensors, the IoT can relay data from the cloud to the user and keep you updated with weather patterns and predictions. This way, you can plan around any problems and keep your drivers safe.

Budget Management

When you combine a variety of products or services, a number of drivers, and a fleet of vehicles, you surely need good budget management to keep everything in order. With fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express, you’ll have the ability to track┬áthe details of each driver’s transaction including the location, time, and purchase amount. These details can be accessed via an online account at any time, which means you and your drivers won’t have to worry about keeping track of receipts and you can take better control of your budget.