| Tips and Tricks


At our fleet fuel card company, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our fleet vehicles’ emissions, and you should too. Here are some simple things you can do to cut down on the amount of pollution you contribute to the environment:

Choose your vehicle wisely

Today, vehicles are all about energy efficiency – especially those that are electric or hybrid versions. Choosing one that boasts high gas mileage and lower emissions can easily reduce your carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon output.

Limit your quick acceleration

If you’re a bit of a leadfoot, cutting down on the acceleration can help save you gas, help reduce your emissions, and help keep your car in a healthy condition. Limit the urge to step hard on the gas when you go to accelerate and instead, accelerate steadily.

Avoid idling for long periods

Idling uses excess gas and excess gas produces excess emissions. If you expect to sit in an idle position for more than 20 seconds, turn off your car and restart it instead. In addition, don’t start your car in the winter and let it idle for more than 30 seconds to warm up; your car emits the most emissions when it’s started after several hours, so if you leave it running for several minutes, you’ll be contributing more pollution to the environment. Your car warms up fastest when it’s driven.

Carpool with a friend or neighbor

If you have a friend or neighbor who works with you or goes to many of the same destinations that you do, consider carpooling with them – take turns driving to work, the grocery store, the gym, or any other destination. You’ll save gas and reduce your emissions.

Use public transportation

If you live somewhere with an efficient public transportation system, why not use it? Many of today’s buses and trains are designed to run on energy-efficient fuel in order to keep the air clean, so leave the car behind and take advantage of the transportation system.

Keep up with maintenance

As cars get old, their ability to filter out pollutants gets worse and in addition, disregarding general maintenance can make that happen faster. To extend the lifespan of your car and to make sure it’s producing the fewest pollutants possible, have it inspected and maintenanced on a regular basis.

Get a bike

Forgo four wheels altogether and opt for a bicycle instead – especially if you live near a major city. Many times, maneuvering through the city on a bicycle is much easier than stopping and going in a car. Plus, bikes emit zero emissions.