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fuel saving tips

Whether they ship their products throughout the state or throughout the country, fleet managers are always looking for ways to save fuel. Saving fuel lets you save money and use it for other elements of your business like vehicle maintenance, payroll, equipment, and more. To save the most fuel on your routes, follow these tips:

1) Avoid Traffic

Plan to have your drivers on the road between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to avoid rush hour traffic. Idling while in traffic wastes excess fuel.

2) Use Cruise Control

Using cruise control while traveling on the highway will keep both your speed and your fuel consumption consistent.

3) Have the Right PSI

Inflate your vehicles’ tires to the right air pressure (PSI) can improve your gas mileage and save you from having to fill up more often.

4) Maintain Your Vehicles

Make sure that everything is operating smoothly on each of your vehicles. By maintaining the oil level, the right amount of coolant, rotating the tires, and more, you can be sure they are running at their best.

5) Use the Air Conditioner

By using the air conditioner instead of rolling down the windows at higher speeds, you can reduce “drag” and help save fuel on hot days.

6) Drive the Speed Limit

Driving the speed limit will increase your fuel efficiency. By driving over 55 mph (on average), you could experience more fuel consumption.

7) Accelerate Smoothly

When you accelerate quickly, you burn extra fuel, so stay smooth and accelerate slowly.

8) Stay at 55 mph

The higher you push the RPMs in your vehicle, the more fuel you’ll burn. For instance, going from 55mph to 75mph can increase your fuel consumption by around 20%. To get the best mpg, travel at 55mph and use your cruise control.

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