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Summer is here, which means your fleet vehicles are already being subjected to hot sun rays, humid air, and more driving. Make sure they stay in great shape and run well with these eight summer maintenance tips from our fleet gas card company:

Tire Pressures

Check the air in your tires. As the weather gets warmer, the air in your vehicles’ tires is going to expand, which means your PSI level may need adjusting. With the right tire pressure, you’ll get the best fuel mileage for your vehicles, and in return, you’ll spend less on gas.

Air Filters

During the winter months, your air filter may have ingested some of the salt on the roads (as well as other debris). Check your filters and if they needs replacing, give your vehicles fresh new filters for the summer months.

Windshield Wipers

When there’s ice and snow on your vehicles’ windshields, your windshield wipers can take a beating. If you have the funds, fit all of your vehicles with a new set of wipers for the summer. If you don’t have the funds, check each vehicle to see which ones are frayed or torn, and replace them.

Oil & Filters

At our fleet fuel card company, we know many fleet’s vehicles do a lot more driving in the summer than in the winter. If this is the case with your vehicles, do them a favor and make sure their oil and filters are freshly replaced.


After all that salt on the roads this past winter, it’s time to give your vehicles a good cleaning. In addition, finishing them with a good coat of wax helps protect them from damaging UV rays and summer dirt and debris.

Coolant & Radiators

Both coolant and the radiator are what keep a car’s engine from overheating and prevent the possibility of its parts melting together. As the weather gets hotter, so will your vehicles’ engines, and without the proper amount of coolant and solid radiators (no leaks), your engines could overheat and cause hefty damage bills. It’s also a good idea to check the hoses and belts to make sure they’re not cracked or loose.


While winter is tough on car batteries, summer is even tougher. The hot weather can speed up the chemical reaction in a battery and cause it to overcharge (which shortens its lifespan). To keep it running well, clean the terminals on a regular basis.


While not exactly a maintenance solution, shade is important for vehicles during the summer months. Keep your vehicles cool by parking them in a garage, underneath a tree, or under an awning. Also, grab a sunshade for the interior to keep it extra cool.

Bonus: Invest in Fleet Gas Cards

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