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At our fleet fuel card company, we know being a tractor trailer driver means having a very different lifestyle than many others – you’ll spend much of your time on the road, by yourself, and in many different places. If you’re new to this type of lifestyle, follow these few pieces of advice from our fleet fuel card company to make the adjustment a little easier:

1. Keep In Touch

Tractor trailer drivers spend a lot of time on the road and away from their families, so keep your loved ones updated on how you are and what you’re doing – send photos, tell them stories, or invest in a webcam service like Skype so you can see them while you’re gone.

2. Do Some Soul Searching

Being a tractor trailer driver means spending a lot of time on your own, so use that time to do some soul searching. Bring along a journal and write down your thoughts and experiences, or pick up a hobby like photography.

3. Don’t Overwork Yourself

Driving may seem like an easy job, but it can be just as exhausting as any other career, so don’t overwork yourself. When you’re on the road, you not only have to look out for yourself, but other drivers, too – and driving exhausted can mean trouble. Take breaks when you need them.

4. Be Safe at Truck Stops

Truck stops can be filled with all kinds of people so make sure you lock your truck, don’t broadcast that you’re alone, park in a well-lit area, don’t share too many details about what you’re hauling, and keep your valuables in a safe place (like a lock box).

5. Eat Well

Staying healthy is the main key to staying alert and prepared while you’re driving. Don’t load up on sugar or caffeine, which can cause your body to crash. Instead, choose items rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your body fueled.

6. Keep Your Distance

When you drive, keep a safe distance from other vehicles around you. Your tractor trailer can do much more damage to them than they can to you, so it’s best to steer clear of any habits that could cause an accident.

7. Be Thrifty

Since truck stops often overcharge for basic items, do your grocery shopping at a grocery store. Also, find places with free Wi-Fi and bring your own laundry detergent – many places charge you more than you’d think. Investing in a power inverter is also a good idea – you’ll be able to power AC appliances through DC power units (like your cigarette lighter outlet).

8. Get a fleet fuel card

A fleet fuel card (like one from Fuel Express) gives you an easy way to fill up your gas tank at the station of your choice. You’ll also get 24/7 toll-free assistance, so if anything goes wrong, just call our fleet fuel card company and there will be someone to help you.