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Did you know that one in five accidents actually happens in a parking lot? While parking lots may seem safe, there are still dangers that may not occur to fleet drivers, and that’s why it’s important to stress safety to your fleet drivers. Here, our fleet gas card company shares some tips on how to stay safe in parking lots:

Be Aware of Other Drivers

While you may be a good driver, others may not be, which is why it’s important to be aware of others in the parking lot. Some drivers have trouble with things like maneuvering during windy days, parking too closely to other vehicles, and controlling their turns around tight corners, so keep these things in mind as you proceed through the area.

Be Aware of Pedestrians

One of the biggest differences between driving on the road and driving in a parking lot is the presence of pedestrians. Parking lots are where you’ll find individuals walking around and at times, they can seem to appear suddenly. It’s important to remember that pedestrians may be in front of your vehicle, behind your vehicle, or in your blind spots, and driving slowly can help prevent an accident.

Always Stay Focused

Parking lot safety relies on calm, focused, and intelligent drivers. No matter what size parking lot you’re driving through or where the parking lot is, it’s important to accelerate with caution, brake carefully, and pay attention to your surroundings at all times. This includes any parking lot markings (such as arrows, no-parking lines, fire lanes, or parking space indications) as well as street signs (like stop signs, yield signs, one-way signs, and more).

As an Owner/Manager…

At our fleet gas card company, we know being in charge of a fleet means enforcing safety. To keep your drivers in check, make sure you remind them of these parking lot safety tips on a regular basis. In addition, you could consider offering incentives so your drivers stay motivated to drive with caution. These incentives could be days off, gift cards, cash bonuses, lunches, and more.