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fleet fuel cardAs a fleet owner, you have to take more into consideration than just the cost of products – you have to take into consideration the cost of fuel and the cost of vehicle maintenance. So how do you create a fueling program that’s both simple and effective?

Budget and Fuel Grade

Create a budget. Take your time and create a detailed budget for your fuel, whether it be a monthly, quarterly, or annual budget.

Establish what grade of fuel you want your drivers to use. If your fleet vehicles don’t require diesel, figure in the costs of regular, mid-grade, and premium fuel into your program and choose one that you believe is best for your vehicles and your budget.

Pay at the Pump

Encourage your drivers to pay at the pump in order to avoid wasting time by going inside and paying for the fuel.

Spending and Purchase Limits

Set a limit on how much money each fleet driver is allowed to spend. Also set a limit on what types of purchases each driver can spend their money on. This will help you make sure you don’t exceed your budget. With a fleet fuel card from Fuel Express, you can set these limits right on the card so that once your driver reaches them, they can no longer use the fleet fuel card.

Purchase Locations

Have you fleet drivers track the time of day and location of each of their purchases (or simply view them online as they are tracked by our fleet fuel card). Then, evaluate the relation between the fuel station they chose and their route and address any problems.


Once you put the finishing touches on your program, make sure you clearly communicate it to your fleet drivers. Print out program rules for each driver and have them carry it with them every time they go out for a delivery.