| Tips and Tricks

If you’re a fleet driver, chances are you’ve experienced drowsy driving – especially if you’re a long-distance driver. While a good night’s sleep is the obvious answer for keeping yourself awake while you drive, it’s not always easy to do. That’s why our fleet fuel card company has compiled some other tips for staying awake while driving:

Avoid caffeine before bed

Drinking beverages or eating foods that have caffeine right before bed can cause difficulty falling asleep. They can also disrupt your sleeping pattern cause your body to form an addiction.


Exercising not only helps you stay healthy, but it will help you get a good night’s sleep. The best time to exercise is either in the morning or afternoon. Avoid exercising before bed – your body won’t have time to fully shut down before you fall asleep, which could lead to restlessness.

Cool it down

When your body is nice and warm, you tend to fall asleep easier. Combat this by turning the temperature down slightly in your car – you’ll be able to stay more awake.

Get some light

Studies have shown that when our bodies are exposed to natural sunlight, we develop more natural sleeping patterns. Make sure you get enough sunlight during the day by spending some of your down-time outdoors.

Avoid bad foods

When you eat sugary junk foods or fatty meals like fast food, your body won’t get the necessary nutrients and can easily crash. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and keep a balanced diet with plenty of water.


If you’re feeling drowsy, roll the windows down and get some fresh air or wipe your face down with a face wipe. You’ll feel instantly refreshed and will be able to focus more easily.

Turn on some music

Keep your mind awake by turning on some music. It’ll disrupt the monotonous sound of driving and give you something to focus on. Better yet – turn on a type of music that you don’t like. You’ll be able to stay awake better.

Pull over

If all else fails and you feel yourself nodding off, don’t try to fight it. The best thing to do is pull over into a rest stop (or other safe area) and take a nap. Taking a little longer to get to your destination is better than getting into an accident.