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Vehicle Tracking System

Fuel Express’ GPS Tracking Solutions will Improve Your Business

A vehicle tracking system allows a fleet manager to get a better understanding of where their drivers are at any given time. But vehicle tracking systems are capable of providing many additional services as well. Our Fuel Express GPS tracking solutions allow vehicle fleet owners to not only track the vehicles in their fleets, but also modify routes and manage the maintenance of their vehicles. Our tracking systems are purposefully designed to save our customers money and time.

Tracking Driver Locations

It is very important to understand where each of your fleet vehicles are along their route. By understanding how your vehicles are being used you will be able to determine where your company can save money. Our vehicle tracking system gives you the power to select the most efficient routes for your drivers and allow them to receive real-time traffic updates. With these features your drivers will save time, energy, and fuel avoiding the obstacles that typically disrupt the commutes of many.

Helpful Fuel Analysis

When a company utilizes our vehicle tracking system and fleet fuel card, they will be able to monitor the fuel economy that each vehicle is achieving. By understanding the miles per gallon that your fleet vehicles are able to achieve you can determine the best routes for your drivers. We’ll help you analyze the MPG capabilities of each of your vehicles. A vehicle that has a much lower MPG than other vehicles in the fleet may have mechanical issues that are costing the company more money over time. With this knowledge you’ll be able to schedule any necessary maintenance to keep your vehicles in the best shape possible.

Fleet Vehicle Safety

Companies can create a much safer environment for their fleet drivers and vehicles by knowing more about where the vehicles are throughout the work day. With features like accident monitoring our tracking systems provide drivers with the insight on accident locations and alternate routes. Should your driver have an issue with their vehicle and need assistance, the tracking features allow companies to locate their drivers as needed. These safety elements will bring both you and your drivers a peace of mind while they’re out on the road.

Fuel Express Can Help

Vehicle tracking systems have advanced tremendously since their initial introduction to the automotive market. Fuel Express’ modern tracking system provides companies with more control than ever over their fleets and allows them to cut down on overall costs in the process. Tracking systems are ideal for all industries.

Once you’ve obtained our fleet fuel cards, you’ll gain access to a suite of our fuel management features. One of the many features offered is GPS tracking for your fleet vehicles. Our fleet fuel cards are accepted at 320,000 different locations and provide access for fueling at virtually every gas station. Don’t hesitate to get started today, your fleet benefits await!