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How to Apply for a Fuel Card

Features of the Fuel Express Card

Acquiring a fleet fuel card has been made even easier by Fuel Express. Our fleet fuel card offers many features and will give your drivers access to over 320,000 fuel and maintenance locations countrywide. Fuel Express is proud to provide you with effective fleet management solutions. Each fleet fuel card offers a myriad of features to complement the great design and latest modern technology. Before you learn how to apply for a fuel card, why not know a little more about it?

Track Your Fleet Activity

This feature allows you to know where your fleet driver is on their route at all times. Whether you just want to check up on them or there is an emergency you’ll have access to real time GPS information.

Monitor Driver Spending

Our fuel card enables you to set spending budgets which can help assess your fleets’ expenditures. Whether your drivers spend too much on gas or coffee, you’ll be able to monitor and address it. Set up limits which will enforce certain restrictions depending on what your company needs.

Control your Budget

Have you ever wanted to go paperless? Now’s your chance. Applying for our fleet fuel card will give you the ability to manage your budgets down to the penny and get out from under that sea of receipts. This is especially useful if you have a large fleet, but trust us if you’re still collecting expense reports from your drivers there’s a better way.

Personal Card Assignees

Our fuel card gives you the capability to assign the card to a specific driver(s). You’ll be able to customize the card so it can only be used by the person it was intended for. This unique feature includes fueling and maintenance options. As a result, you can be reassured that if somehow a fuel card falls into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to use it.

Freedom of Location

Our fleet fuel card is nationally recognized and gives you a variety of options. There is no comparison between the Fuel Express card and others because this is the ultimate travelling companion. It allows you drivers access different gas stations for maintenance and fueling across the country. This feature will save your drivers time and money while on the road.

Apply for Fuel Card

Our company is dedicated to offering you the best customer service possible. Thus, the applications can be completed online where our team will be ready to assist you if you run into any issues or need clarification on the application process. If you’re wondering how to apply for a fuel card – it’s easy. Just fill out our short application with simple details such as your company name, estimated monthly fuel expenditure, the number of drivers and vehicles in your fleet, the type of business you run, etc.

Fill out our online form to get started. Disclaimer: You should only apply for the fuel card if your company has a minimum of four vehicles and/or utilizes a minimum of 100 gallons of fuel per week.

Fuel Express’ fleet fuel card offers your company many fleet managing options. Our fuel card can help you stay organized and save you both time any money. Don’t hesitate to get started today!