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Rising gas prices can be a tough thing to deal with when you run a fleet, and unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening to many fleets around the country. Right now, national gas prices are nearing an average we haven’t seen since summer 2015, when prices hit $2.81/gallon (right now they’re at $2.70 and are expected to rise by at least 14%).

So how can drivers and fleet managers cope with high gas prices? Our fleet fuel card company shares some tips:

Plan better routes.

When you plan more efficient ways for your fleet drivers to reach their destination, you can save money on fuel. Shorter, faster routes mean your drivers will use less fuel, which makes a positive impact on your budget. It also helps to plan routes that avoid rush hour, as idling in traffic wastes fuel.

Use fuel credit cards.

Fuel credit cards are a great way to manage your budget, save time, and save fuel. Our fleet fuel cards are accepted at over 320,000 locations nationwide, which means your drivers won’t have to waste gas to go out of their way to find a fuel station. It also means they’ll save time on their delivery routes. To learn more about our fuel credit cards, click here.

Drive efficiently.

Your drivers can save fuel simply by driving efficiently. This includes inflating their vehicle’s tires to the proper PSI, avoiding excessive acceleration, and driving at speeds that use the least amount of fuel.┬áCheck out our other blog post, “8 Fuel-Saving Tips” for more ways to drive efficiently.

Make the most of your shipments.

When you alter the way you ship your goods to include more products per shipment, your drivers won’t have to make as many trips to deliver them all. This uses less fuel and can help save you both time and money.