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As a fleet owner, your business isn’t just based on orders and deliveries; there are many other factors that go into measuring your company’s efficiency – including your fleet’s emissions. In this blog, our fleet fuel company shares some tips on how to reduce them.

Measure them

If you aren’t measuring your fleet’s emissions, then you probably don’t know just how much greenhouse gas your vehicles are really giving off. Start by noting the vehicle year and mileage, then track the route, weight of the cargo load, and maintenance. Once you have all of these things noted, track the vehicle’s fuel usage. Once you understand how efficient each vehicle is, you can determine its emission output and use that information to decide which vehicles you should use on which route.

Choose your vehicles wisely

If you’re in the market for new fleet vehicles, which you choose is an important factor in the amount of emissions your company produces. Before you decide on a model, consider the type of route it will be running (highway, city, cross-country, etc.), what kind of gas it uses, and whether or not your company would benefit from using hybrid technology. When you choose the most efficient vehicle, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re not creating excess greenhouse gases.

Employ GPS technology

When you equip each fleet vehicle with GPS technology, you’ll not only give your drivers an easy way to follow their route, but you’ll give them an easy way to find an alternate course if they run into traffic, an accident, or another issue. Your drivers can make educated decisions based on mileage, idle time, and travel time, which can ultimately keep your emissions output in check.

Promote efficient driving

Some drivers may not realize that the way they drive a vehicle can have a significant effect on its MPG measurements and its emissions. Things like speeding, accelerating quickly, shifting at high RPMs, and failing to use cruise control can all reduce a vehicle’s efficiency and increase its emissions. Promote efficient driving and monitor each driver’s driving behavior with fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express.