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fleet fuel cards

Fleets come in all sizes, from a small company with just a dozen vehicles to a corporation with hundreds. But no matter the size of the fleet, efficiency is a key factor when striving for success. When you have a fleet that’s efficient, you can improve your turnaround time, satisfy more customers, and increase your bottom line. At Fuel Express, we offer fleet fuel cards that can help you do that.

Faster Fill-Ups

Stopping for gas is one of the things that can take up time in a fleet driver’s schedule – especially when they have to find a specific brand of gas station. Our fleet fuel cards are designed to be accepted at more than 230,000 gas stations nationwide, which lets your drivers choose a location right on (or closest to) their route. In addition, our fleet fuel cards offer a fast pay-at-the-pump feature that lets drivers simply swipe the card, fill up their gas tank, and get back on the road as quickly as possible. By wasting less time looking for and pumping gas, your drivers can complete more deliveries and improve your company’s efficiency.

Easy Financial Reports

When you’re a fleet owner, sorting through receipts and bills is a tedious task and can take up valuable time in your day. Our fleet fuel cards make finances easier by documenting every purchase made on each fleet fuel card. At any given time, you can log onto your easy-to-use online account and view the time, date, and location of the latest fuel card purchase. This eliminates the need for receipts and can make purchase documentation much easier.

In addition, you can designate each of your fuel cards to be used for just fuel, just maintenance, or a combination of both, making it easy to divide and track your drivers’ purchases. By spending less time sorting your finances, you can spend more time improving your fleet operations.

GPS Tracking

Delivery routes are an incredibly important part of fleet efficiency – if your drivers make it a point to take the shortest, most efficient routes possible, they can reduce their drive time and increase the number of deliveries made. With GPS tracking, your drivers can plan out the best routes and receive real-time traffic updates during those routes. With these updates, they can avoid set-backs like accidents, traffic jams, detours, and more and instead, choose another route that will get them to their destination on time. Plus, with customized driver reports, you can keep track of where your drivers are, how fast they’re going, their idle times, and more to make sure they’re driving as efficiently as possible.

Let us help you make your fleet as efficient as you’ve always hoped. Talk to our experts today about fleet fuel cards that can better your management and improve your operations.