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At Fuel Express, we know that it can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car – especially if all you hear is a sound. Our fleet fuel card company has compiled a list of common sounds with their common diagnoses to help start you down the path of repair:


If you hear: Grinding brakes
Then it may be: Worn-out pads

If you hear: Grinding while shifting gears
Then it may be: A worn-out clutch

If you hear: Grinding when turning the wheel
Then it may be: Clock spring issues


If you hear: Whiny tires when you turn a corner
Then it may be: Worn-out wheel bearings

If you hear: Squealing tires when you turn a corner
Then it may be: Tires low in air

If you hear: Screeching under the hood
Then it may be: A loose or worn-out belt


If you hear: Metal knocking into metal when you go over bumps
Then it may be: Worn-out shocks

If you hear: Clunking when gears change
Then it may be: Worn-out joints

If you hear: Engine popping
Then it may be: Bad spark wires or a dirty air filter


If you hear: Hissing beneath the hood
Then it may be: A vacuum leak

If you hear: A growling air conditioner
Then it may be: A worn-out compressor

If you hear: Growling underneath the hood
Then it may be: A transmission problem

Other Noises

If you hear: Clicking while you idle
Then it may be: Your engine needs oil

If you hear: Buzzing or scraping from the transmission
Then it may be: Your transmission needs new fluid

If you hear: Pinging in the engine
Then it may be: Engine overheating

In addition to regular maintenance, there are a few other things you can do to improve your fleet efficiency, such as invest in fleet fuel cards from Fuel Express and implement GPS tracking solutions. Talk to us today to learn more.