| Tips and Tricks

Safe Driving
In the past, when people were taught to drive, most were taught to put their hands at the “10 and 2” position on the steering wheel, meaning one hand is at “10:00” and one hand is at “2:00.” Now, people are being taught to use “9:00” and “3:00,” or even closer to “8:00” and “4:00.”

Reducing Injuries

AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that driving at “9 and 3” reduces the potential injury to your hands and arms if your airbag deploys. If your hands or arms are directly over the airbag location as it deploy, it could cause fractures, bone breaks, or amputations. It could also force your hand into your head and cause a concussion or a broken nose.

This also means that when turning the wheel, drivers are advised to use the “push and pull” method instead of the “hand over hand” method. Instead of crossing your one hand over the other as you turn, keep your hands in place and push the steering wheel toward your opposite hand, which should pull it.

Reducing Oversteer

The “9 and 3” position also reduces the possibility of turning the steering wheel too sharply. Since driving this way lowers your body’s center of gravity, it reduces unintended steering wheel movement, which means you’re less likely to lose control of the vehicle.

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