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low fuel prices

We’re sure you’ve noticed the plummeting fuel prices over the last six months, and we’re sure you’re celebrating the savings you’ve been getting. With such a nice cut to your fuel budget, why not take advantage of the low fuel prices and put some money into other areas of your fleet? Our fleet fuel card company has a few suggestions:

Give Back to Employees

If low fuel prices are going to save you thousands of dollars this year, how about using a little bit of that money to keep up your employee morale? Give them a “thank you” bonus, install seat cushions in each vehicle, get them satellite radio service, or give back in another way.

Update Fleet Vehicles

Have you been working with the same fleet of vehicles for too long? Take advantage of the money you’ll be saving and update to vehicles that will help you get the job done better. You can even look into cars or SUVs with hybrid technology to save even more on gas.

Improve Packaging

Since design is one of the first things that impacts a customer, now might be the time to improve your packaging materials. If you design your own packaging and are using low-grade boxes, plain labels, or if your packages just need some finishing touches, make some changes to “wow” your customers.

Replace Tires

While your savings may not be enough to replace the tires on all of your vehicles, you can at least replace the tires on ones that are worn or ones that you tend to use for longer distances. You can also consider putting snow tires on certain vehicles so that you and your drivers feel a little more secure turning to those vehicles in inclement winter weather.

Revamp Customer Service

If customer service is one of your fleet’s top priorities, there are probably some things you can do to improve it: hire another representative, update your phone system, create a new web-based help line, offer discounts or special deals, and more. Your customers will appreciate the effort.

Install a Quality GPS System

With a GPS tracking system, you’ll not only be able to tell where each of your fleet drivers are on their route, but you’ll also be able to tell how fast they’re going, when they stop, and what the mileage is on their vehicle. The best part is, all of these features are available online for you to use in order to better your fleet’s efficiency.

Hire an On-Site Mechanic

If you’re tired of taking the fleet vehicles that need to be serviced over to a mechanic, spend a little extra money and hire a mechanic to do on-site work. You won’t have to worry about transportation demands and you can have your vehicles back in top shape faster.